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Our MVP and RD, Ståle Hansen, is invited to Commsverse as guest speaker. Each Organizer voted to invite a special guest speaker to Commsverse 2020, and Ståle was one of four guest speakers together with MVPs Tom Arbuthnot, Tom Morgan, Brian Ricks, and Microsoft Solution Architect Sean Wilson. Ståle is joined by CloudWay MVPs Josh Blalock and Alexander Holmeset, we are thrilled to have three speakers at this event. This is a Teams focused event taking place on April 29th and 30th at the Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge. It is an event inspired by CommsvNext hosted last year in Denver where CloudWay had multiple speakers.

The Microsoft Teams speaker scene is getting larger and larger, I am honored to be invited as a guest speaker and are looking forward to attending the ask Microsoft panel and sharing my thoughts. If you work with Microsoft Teams, this is a must-attend event -Ståle Hansen MVP & RD

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How to make tasks in Microsoft 365 work for you in a structured way

Tasks are everywhere in Microsoft 365. MVP & RD Ståle Hansen has worked with tasks in a modern way for years. He has found a system to succeed with tasks in periods when you are super busy, but also when you are off work. He will show you how to structure Microsoft To-Do, capture Teams tasks and get stuff done using the Pomodoro technique. Don’t miss this session, it may change your life!

Designing Microsoft Teams Call Flows in a complex Global Organisation

Planning out call flows in a global company where the telephony solution includes Direct Routing, Calling Plans, 3rd-Party PBXs, restrictive government regulations, and other complexities can be daunting to say the least. This session offers attendees a look at what the high-level architecture of such an environment would look like, how call flows work in this architecture for key scenarios, and important considerations to keep in mind during planning for such an environment.

Automate your Microsoft Teams Project team creation

Learn how I helped a customer automate the project team creation process when they moved from using on-premises file shares to Microsoft Teams. All from predefined channels and folders for each file tab! Ease the workload of your IT department and let the managers approve if a team is created or not.

Ask Microsoft Anything panel

Come to this engaging session where we put the Microsoft Teams Product Group under the spotlight to answer your questions.

If you have burning questions about future development, experiencing issues with your deployment and need advice or want to let them know what you’d like to see in Teams in 2020 and beyond, then come to this session and be heard!


About Commsverse

Commsverse is an independent and dedicated Microsoft Teams Conference & Exhibition. We are organized by current and former Microsoft MVPs; Mark Vale, Randy Chapman and Martin Boam. Our aim is to create a technical conference whereby you can expect to learn from real-world experience by expert speakers in any of our 40 breakout sessions, you can connect with up to 30 vendors who will be showcasing their Teams solutions from Teams Room Systems, Cloud Video Interop, Direct Routing, Compliance, Analytics and a whole lot more! Read More