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Ståle Hansen in CloudWay is a well known One Note speaker and consultant. He can help your business implement OneNote, use it wisely, train your personnel or be booked as a speaker on your conference.

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How to get OneNote to work for you

Here is a video from a conference where Ståle Hansen spoke to 700 people in june 2017. The video is published on YouTube and has an impressive number of view. Some people even called the speak he made there for lifechanging. See the video, and read some of the reactions that Ståle got below the video.

Here are some of the reactions Ståle got after this specific OneNote speak

Fantastic! Life-changing

Great information. We need more sessions like these. It’s great that you have so much information for the admins and developers, but the tools are useless, regardless of how well they are configured, unless we are armed with best practices on how to use them.

Great lifehack session, will for sure implement the system in my everday life.

Great talk

I’m a long time user of OneNote and am always looking for new ways to improve. Stale showed me some additional techniques that I will employ in my life. he is well spoken and rehearsed.I wish the content was deeper. I will review his additional presentations for deeper content. This course was very helpful to me.

Quite possibly the most useful session all week! I already use OneNote but also have physical paper and pencil notebooks all over the place. I’m eager to get back to the office to begin using the presented techniques! As an aside, this was the coolest room in the conference and as a big guy, I very much appreciated the plentiful air conditioning!!

So much better than I was expecting! He was a lot of fun even though it was a quite room. Very helpful!

Stale did an awesome job. I’ve read his blogs and posts about Lync in the past. It was great to see how I can use OneNote even more efficiently and get more done. Going to get my employees to watch this session online when it becomes available.

The absolute best session all Ignite for me!

Very good speaker, and very useful presentation that combined OneNote with thoughts around how to get organised (not only tools, but what you need to think about yourself)

Very helpful – maybe fast track could share this content too?

Very well prepared and presented

Well organized for beginners to more advanced users. Good review of new features.

How to get OneNote to work for you

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This was just an example of Ståle as a speaker. He has done many more successful speaks and conferences. Make sure to book him to your next conference, or book him to inspire your coworkers to get the best possible productivity out of using OneNote.