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Enterprise Mobility and Security

Keep pace with security challenges
Identity-driven innovations help you stay secure and productive on your favorite apps and devices.

Mobility and Security – Managed from the Cloud (EM+S)

Mobility and Security

In today’s modern world where your workforce are working from anywhere on any device it doesn’t work anymore to use perimeter security thinking with building walls around your assets. You need to rethink your security strategy and there are 4 pillars we mean it is important to focus at in a modern mobile , secure and productive environment
CloudWay has after only a few months of business achieved Microsoft’s Silver Enterprise Mobility Management competency, showing our commitment to be on top in this area.

Silver Partner

Secure your front door

With Multi factor Authentication and Conditional Access based on real time assessment of risk with machine learning you can secure access to your company assets both in the Cloud and in your Data center.

Secure your data

By using data classifications and information protection (RMS) you can securely and easy protect and share your data both internally and externally.

Secure your devices

By securing your devices with Mobile Device Management and/or by securing your company data with Mobile Application Management you can protect your self from data leakage and data loss.

Great user experiences

You can put any amount of security on your data, device or access solution without it helping if the users are not able to do their work. It is crucial that you don’t let security get in the way of productivity

It is important to have a security solution in place that has the users in focus so that they can be secure, productive and self serviced.

All this and much more you can get by using Enterprise Mobility + Security from Microsoft.