Projects where CloudWay succeeds are when we work with a customer or partner who believe what we believe. We believe in best practice implementations using all the tools available for secure productivity. Our goal is to transfer knowledge and to help customers do cloud operations the right way.

Ståle Hansen and Jan Ketil Skanke

Why choose CloudWay?​​

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Knowledge and Experience​

Our philosophy is to keep on learning and by blogging, speaking and doing workshops we make sure our knowledge is always up to date.

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Hands on approach​

We are great escalation points for complex scenarios, and we make sure to have hands-on experience with the technology we talk about.

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We are one team

We always enroll the entire team in our projects to be able to delegate tasks to the most available person with best practice knowledge.

Cloud pre-assessments​​​

Identity and security readiness​

Microsoft Teams readiness​

Network readiness​

Cloud Pre-assessments
Implementation of microsoft 365

Implementation of Microsoft 365​​​​

Microsoft Teams governance​​

Microsoft Intune and conditional access​​

Microsoft 365 adoption​​


Best Practice operations​​​​​




Best Practices Operations

Typical things we help companies with when we run projects​​​

Make sure Microsoft 365 gets implemented right​

Secure their journey to the cloud​ through hybrid done right​

Succeed with Microsoft Teams; lifecycle, adoption and data governance​​

Validate the cloud strategy and help execute it

Share practical information about any topic in Microsoft 365 for competency transfer​

Inspirational workshops to be productive as a team

Implement MFA the correct way so that users don’t really notice it​

Do deep dive training for their IT-Pros based on our Microsoft 365 Masterclass

Change how individuals succeed with personal productivity using digital tools​​​

Choose the correct tools and approaches for successful migrations​​​

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