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Skype for Business

Connect your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day. With Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing with the option to deploy it in the cloud, datacenter or hybrid.

CloudWay are fluent in all facets of Skype for Business scenarios with extensive experience and knowledge from small to global environments

VoIP and Telephony

  • Cloud PBX
  • PSTN Calling
  • PSTN Conferencing
  • Cloud Connector Edition (CCE)
  • Hybrid Voice
  • On-premises fully customized solutions
  • Switchoards and call-centers

Skype for Business optimized meeting experience

  • Standardization of meeting rooms from small to large
  • Video adoption and interoperability
  • Skype Room System and Surface Hub
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast optimization and training

Microsoft Teams integration and optimization

Third-party ecosystem

  • Pexip Infinity Fusion for video interoperability
  • Hive Streaming for meeting broadcast network optimization
  • Competella for switchboard and call-center light
  • AudioCodes for SBC and CCE in box
Skype for Business

All Skype for Business projects are approached with a proven framework developed by Microsoft called Skype Operations Framework (SOF). This framework has three key stages that focuses on one goal; Customer Success. Contact us to succeed with your Skype project



This phase is all about finding the correct solution through four activities

1. Envision

Is about defining the correct business case and use case that are measurable that solidifies in a strategy that the organization can commit to

2. Assess

Questions asked are what, where and how where the goal is to discover the technologies, personas and scenarios

3. Design

Based on the envision and assess stage we are able to choose the correct design approach based on information gathered to ensure success and reach expectations of the overall strategy

We will follow our design principles starting with the lowest complexity from cloud to hybrid to on-premises

Where needed CloudWay will provide third-party value add suggestions within switchboards, video interoperability, network optimization, security and end-user tools

4. Prepare

This stage will define all deliverables in the project and delegate to project participants as well as define scope boundaries


This phase is where CloudWay or a preferred partner delivers the solution based on the plan phase . Key areas are

1. Deploy

Based on the design and preparation process

2. Assess

Enable users and features site by site and make sure good routines for user administration is implemented

3. Design

Adjust the solution and with value add features that is built-in or developed by third parties discovered in the design process

4. Adopt

Each site should have its own adoption process based e-learning, on-site personnel and focused support scheme, this need is explored in the planning stage


In this phase, operational boundaries are defined with responsibility being clearly divided between the customer, customer-partner and CloudWay. Quality reporting schemes and clear escalation paths are being defined in this stage with the following key areas

1. Monitor

Is about defining the correct business case and use case that are measurable that solidifies in a strategy that the organization can commit to

2. Report

A periodic reporting scheme is defined and executed

3. Support

CloudWay together with the customer and/or partner will support the end users

4. Run

Call Quality Methodology (CQM) routines are implemented

CloudWay is passionate about CQM and provides training, competency transfer and routines to succeed with the methodology. Read more about our thoughts here